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by Rey Villanueva on iYogi Reviews
Bad Karma

iYogi does more harm than good to your computer. They got be to buy stuff from them at two different occasions and I fell for it each time costing me about 300 dollars. Please beware of these rip offs and don't use them. I hope they get bad Karma and go out of business. I finally called Norton support and the removed everything related to iYogi from my computer since then I haven't had any problems. Thanks Norton and go to hell iYogi.

by Kristi on iYogi Reviews
iYogi SCAM

I am absolutely amazed that iYogi could have any positive reviews whatsoever. Please keep in mind that this company is based in another country. Not in the United States. You DO NOT want to try your machine to a company that pays its employees $1.00 per hour to look at your personal documents, pictures, and potentially confidential information (taxes, financials, etc.).

My horror story with iYogi really starts two years ago when I contacted McAfee to get some help uninstalling their product from my computer. I was receiving error messages and wanted to cancel it. An iYogi Technician impersonating McAfee spoke to me and convinced me to let him into my computer to help remove McAfee. They actually removed it and installed their own Total Defense software.

It made me feel trapped into purchasing their program for $300. Like I was coerced and forced into buying this product that would make my computer work faster, better, and have fewer problems. It turned out to be a nightmare. A packaged and wrapped box of lies. For two years I had nothing but issues with my computer. Constant freezing, virus scares (turns out they never cleaned the computer right the first time) and other issues with the machine.

The worst mistake you can ever make is hiring an overseas company or someone that is not knowledgeable on your issues to work on your machine. In order to get this debacle repaired, I did end up locating a company, SafePCFix.com - from a customer on these threads. They described the service they had gotten was from someone who spoke English, and was able to remove the iYogi junk and clean up the original trouble areas.

To be completely honest, I was a little apprehensive about calling another company, but after talking to two of the techs there, they definitely were the guys I wanted to clean my computer. My tech guy explained that they get calls from people whom have hired these types of companies before and have nothing but issues with their computers. They connected to my machine and fixed it within a matter of hours. They showed me the log reports of where iYogi screwed up.

The MOST IMPORTANT part of this, is that my technician at safepcfix was able to get the remainder of the money refunded back to my card. It took a few weeks, but they did that for me. They were able to get me squared away, get the computer fixed (instead of buying a new one). So, in summation, DO NOT hire iYogi to work on your computer. Find someone else that you can trust first and foremost. If iYogi has touched your computer, there are definitely problems with it that need to be addressed.

by Anonymous on iYogi Reviews
Did give price at the beginning.

Save by my Credit Card Company.
I was advise. and talk into canceling Yogi. due to them being out of the country. and having many complaints. and did not want me to be Inconvenience then necessary.

Therefore, Iyogi keeps calling which, their call is drop in 2 rings. with a Spanish Voice in Spanish saying Get Lost.

Beware, Their Price is NOT explain until your time is wasted.

One year and Five Year offer. how do are people suppose to know if YOGI does or (not )go out of Business over night?

by john carlisle on iYogi Reviews

I had all the same problems as I have read below-I was working with H.P. and some how ended up with these idiots. After several hours of so call tech work and charging me several hundreds dollars-my computer still had problems- I then contacted the real H.P. and reinstalled Norton everything is A.OK--I cancelled my credit card charges but Iyogi is trying to charge me again-so now I got to write some letters proving my side of the story. What a bad luck day it was to run into these guys.

by Bill Carter on iYogi Reviews
Bad Company!

IYOGI is a total and complete RIP0FF. They have also disabled my browser so that I can not access Norton. They also said they would fix my wireless network and failed. They also gave me that B.S. about “registry errors” and “junk files” that were causing my computer to run slow. After more than “working(?)” five hours my laptop works worse than before and I am out $90.00. They also wanted me to “upgrade(?)” to Windows 8 for $150.00. Fortunately I wan’t that stupid. I have another laptop with Windows 8 and I HATE IT only slightly less than IYOGI. Andor don’t fall for the B.S. that their “competitors” are writing these reviews. If you are smarter than I am by checking beforehand you will not let them touch your computer or pay them a penny. Forwarned Is Forearmed. I ended up following the directions of one of the other reviews on here and went with the online company safepcfix.com to repair these browser issues and “errors” that iYogi caused. Ive disputed the charges with my CC company and safepcfix helped me get my money back by writing a letter that showed what they did to fix it CORRECTLY.

by Jeffery K on iYogi Reviews
Buyer Beware

Unfortunately, I found this website after I had already purchased their yearly service contract for over $300. This company is incredibly good at hiding their true colors and I’ve looked extensively for information about this company and I’m only finding reviews written about iYogi, BY iYogi. I believe that they are writing their own reviews because of the grammar and spelling in each of the reviews. They dont seem to be written by someone whose english is their first language.

Anyway, back to our original reason for posting this review. We purchased their service a little over a year ago and have been waiting for it to be over. They constantly call for renewal period, but WE ARE NOT INTERESTED. During that year we had to hire a separate online computer repair company, http://www.safepcfix.com to properly repair our computer. After the second time of having to hire another company to repair the original virus issue we hired them for, we signed up with the year contract with the other company.

During our tenure with these guys they would tell us we had more problems with our computer than what we actually had. We had to contact an internet provider of internet services, safepcfix.com to repair the machine and fix the mistakes they made. This happened on a couple of occasions. We decided it was far better to purchase the actual service agreement from a US based company (ie the one above.) Their technicians were easy to understand and explained the problems that iYogi caused with our machine.

Buyer beware.

by Renee S. Hartz on iYogi Reviews

I have been at my computer for 90 minutes waiting for a promised call at 9 AM CST. The tech called me at 8 AM and I made the appointment for 9AM. No call ! I tried the callback desk... no luck. I called thephone number back several times....music.

These techs have called me several times over the last two weeks when I've been at work, and have been quite abusive. They seem to think the customer should meet THEIR schedules !

I wish to report the technician who called me at 8 AM today. I must leave for work and do not want another call except from a supervisor or via a text message. Once, the tech bothered me while I was caring for a patient and almost wouldn't let me hang up ! Renee S Hartz, MD

by sam on iYogi Reviews
ripped off two.

beware of i yogi do not let them scam you and get in your computer.

by ash on iYogi Reviews


by Jennifer on iYogi Reviews
Shady people work here

I called the number online for EPSON PRINTERS and got IYogi. They pretended to be Epson but knew nothing about my printer. Then they blamed it on all the computers, phones, ipads, etc in the household so they could get access to my laptop. They went through and said that it was all messed up and went into places that would confuse me, while telling me that my computer was ready to "shut down" and that I would lose all of my documents etc if I didn't use them to fix it. I wrote the steps down as they went through the process to make sure they were not altering my computer. I went back over everything they said and none of it was accurate.

It was a scam to get $209.99 from me for a "lifetime" membership to clean out my laptop. I could hardly understand the guy since he had an Indian accent and wouldn't talk slow enough for me to understand. I'm pretty sure that was part of the scam. Scare tactics and a gullible person on the other end. I did not partake, instead I came here to see what other complaints they had and went into the areas of my computer to see if any of it was accurate info. All BS. Go with your gut when someone seems shady!!!

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