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Apr 28, 2015 by sam

ripped off two.

beware of i yogi do not let them scam you and get in your computer.

Apr 28, 2015 by ash



Mar 08, 2015 by Kristi

iYogi SCAM

I am absolutely amazed that iYogi could have any positive reviews whatsoever. Please keep in mind that this company is based in another country. Not in the United States. You DO NOT want to try your machine to a company that pays its employees $1.00 per hour to look at your personal documents, pictures, and potentially confidential information (taxes, financials, etc.).

My horror story with iYogi really starts two years ago when I contacted McAfee to get some help uninstalling their product from my computer. I was receiving error messages and wanted to cancel it. An iYogi Technician impersonating McAfee spoke to me and convinced me to let him into my computer to help remove McAfee. They actually removed it and installed their own Total Defense software.

It made me feel trapped into purchasing their program for $300. Like I was coerced and forced into buying this product that would make my computer work faster, better, and have fewer problems. It turned out to be a nightmare. A packaged and wrapped box of lies. For two years I had nothing but issues with my computer. Constant freezing, virus scares (turns out they never cleaned the computer right the first time) and other issues with the machine.

The worst mistake you can ever make is hiring an overseas company or someone that is not knowledgeable on your issues to work on your machine. In order to get this debacle repaired, I did end up locating a company, - from a customer on these threads. They described the service they had gotten was from someone who spoke English, and was able to remove the iYogi junk and clean up the original trouble areas.

To be completely honest, I was a little apprehensive about calling another company, but after talking to two of the techs there, they definitely were the guys I wanted to clean my computer. My tech guy explained that they get calls from people whom have hired these types of companies before and have nothing but issues with their computers. They connected to my machine and fixed it within a matter of hours. They showed me the log reports of where iYogi screwed up.

The MOST IMPORTANT part of this, is that my technician at safepcfix was able to get the remainder of the money refunded back to my card. It took a few weeks, but they did that for me. They were able to get me squared away, get the computer fixed (instead of buying a new one). So, in summation, DO NOT hire iYogi to work on your computer. Find someone else that you can trust first and foremost. If iYogi has touched your computer, there are definitely problems with it that need to be addressed.

Mar 04, 2015 by Bill Carter

Bad Company!

IYOGI is a total and complete RIP0FF. They have also disabled my browser so that I can not access Norton. They also said they would fix my wireless network and failed. They also gave me that B.S. about “registry errors” and “junk files” that were causing my computer to run slow. After more than “working(?)” five hours my laptop works worse than before and I am out $90.00. They also wanted me to “upgrade(?)” to Windows 8 for $150.00. Fortunately I wan’t that stupid. I have another laptop with Windows 8 and I HATE IT only slightly less than IYOGI. Andor don’t fall for the B.S. that their “competitors” are writing these reviews. If you are smarter than I am by checking beforehand you will not let them touch your computer or pay them a penny. Forwarned Is Forearmed. I ended up following the directions of one of the other reviews on here and went with the online company to repair these browser issues and “errors” that iYogi caused. Ive disputed the charges with my CC company and safepcfix helped me get my money back by writing a letter that showed what they did to fix it CORRECTLY.

Mar 02, 2015 by Jennifer

Shady people work here

I called the number online for EPSON PRINTERS and got IYogi. They pretended to be Epson but knew nothing about my printer. Then they blamed it on all the computers, phones, ipads, etc in the household so they could get access to my laptop. They went through and said that it was all messed up and went into places that would confuse me, while telling me that my computer was ready to "shut down" and that I would lose all of my documents etc if I didn't use them to fix it. I wrote the steps down as they went through the process to make sure they were not altering my computer. I went back over everything they said and none of it was accurate.

It was a scam to get $209.99 from me for a "lifetime" membership to clean out my laptop. I could hardly understand the guy since he had an Indian accent and wouldn't talk slow enough for me to understand. I'm pretty sure that was part of the scam. Scare tactics and a gullible person on the other end. I did not partake, instead I came here to see what other complaints they had and went into the areas of my computer to see if any of it was accurate info. All BS. Go with your gut when someone seems shady!!!

Mar 02, 2015 by Bill

saved my 80 year old grandmother

I arrived just in time to save my 80 year old mother from being charged $425 by iYogi for a fabricated problem. Her real problem was that her iPad stopped printing to her Canon wireless printer. The solution, which I did soon after getting her to hang up from iYogi was that the printer had become disconnected from the wireless network. Restored that connection and iPad printing worked fine. But iYogi got her to allow remote control of her Mac computer and told the following lies: 1. Said they were Canon's official tech support. 2. Said her computer firewall had been "damaged" and they needed to run a procedure that would take fifteen minutes. (I checked firewall and it was functioning fine).

She asked if there was a charged and they put up a credit card screen with a $425 charge. Fortunately that is when I got there. They then did a stalling tactic of talking to manager and saying we couldn't disconnect without damaging computer. Remember, the problem was really just the printer wireless connection. I would add that the Better Business Bureau is also a fraud. iYogi cites them as giving an A+ rating! which is clearly not the case given the many complaints you can see from a simple internet search.

Mar 02, 2015 by Craig

time to cancel their services forever!

Having been a customer of I YOGI for a number of years, now it is with great sorrow that I have come to end my business relationship with them. When I first came to know of I YOGI (like many others) I was a subscriber to Norton and when I needed some help for my computer I looked up their phone number online. This is how I reached I YOGI who use this phony phone number to trick people into contacting them. I was told by them at the time that they were endorsed by Norton to amend any problems that I should have with my computer. Not knowing any better I let them proceed to take over my computer and by the end of the day my computer was fixed and I was out a couple hundred dollars.

Granted, I have re-subscribed to their services since (even though the original meeting was through a misleading phone number) they have kept my computer working at its optimum level. Or so I thought. Throughout the years they have sold me with their hard pitch sales tactics different modes of protection. Some of these even overrode the ones already installed by them. It seems that their technicians work on a royalty basis and their biggest concern is to sell you products whether you need them or not. They also have what is called a "Avie" download that their techs use that is kind of a cheat sheet. It has the answer to any question that you might have and it is all aimed at selling you more merchandise and to steer any wrong doing away from the company. I know this because one of the techs unknowingly downloaded it onto my desk top. If you would like a copy just ask me on her on replies and I will be happy to send it to you.

The last product I purchased from I YOGI is the Tech Genie. Buyer Beware!! I had this monster installed into my computer 6 months ago and it has not worked since day one. After maybe 20 contacts with I YOGI and always the same answer (we'll fix it for you, we promise), nothing to date has been done to amend the problem that works. It seems that they have technicians that know how to download different files but they do not know how to properly prepare the computer and delete all files that may intercede with the function of the one that they are downloading which results in the corruption of your computer. Whenever I go to the Live Help function to talk to a Tier One Technician I am always first told by the level 3 techs that I need go no further than them and that they would be happy to fix my computer and it will be great after (birds singing in the air and angels blowing their trumpets). After reinserting that I do in fact NOT want to deal with them but want to talk to a Level 1 tech, they sometimes become arrogant and ends up an argument over whether I can speak to a higher level technician or not. Usually I bypass this by asking directly upon contact to speak with the floor manager. And usually the floor managers are just as unhelpful as the level 1 techs.

Another problem with IYOGI is that they ask you to fill out a survey as soon as they are done performing whatever work you had performed. The problem with this is that your computer will be working fine. The next day maybe not so but the survey is already completed and they got their 5 (undeserved) stars. Back to my Tech Genie problem... So I contacted the Live Help Level 3 tech yesterday regarding my (still not working) Tech Genie which is the state of the art, you never need anything else, OMG how this thing works, service. I asked to be contacted by a Level 1 tech and after explaining (once again) why I needed a Level 1 was told that they would contact me within 15 to 20 minutes. I, like most people have a life. When I pay for a service I expect the service provider to please me, not the other way around. Well, three hours later my phone rang but I was far from able to answer it nor was I near my computer. They called a total of three times within 5 minutes. Later on that night I saw that I had a email from I YOGI and upon opening it saw that it stated that they had indeed tried to contact me and that it was now up to me to contact them since I was not available.

I replied to the email stating that I was told that they were to contact me within 15 to 20 minutes and that it was not until three hours later that the actual contact was tried. Today I opened my email to see a Failed to deliver email as it never made it out of my email box. They also had a phone number on the email and from past experience I can tell you that if you call it that all you will get is music, so I didn't even bother.

I YOGI suckered me in in the beginning under false pretenses by pretending that they were an agent of NORTON. I fell for it and subscribed to them. Over the years I have used their service over and over and am now wondering if they (since they do have access to your computer regardless if you allow them or not) purposely corrupt your computer just to sell you more unneeded junk. For anyone wishing to subscribe to them - Do So At Your Own Risk. They are not from this country (US) and can get away with many things that are surely illegal here.

Oh, another thing about I YOGI, if you ever use them notice that what ever they use is just a free download of some other companies tools. The last time I wrote a review of I YOGI such as this one, I received a phone call a day or so later promising me that whatever problem I was having with my computer would be promptly addressed by their highest level technicians and resolved. Of course no compensation was ever brought up or discussed on their end. We shall see what happens this time….

Mar 02, 2015 by kimberly


This company are con artists - they ask for your subscription then they give you a year or 2 to get covered. They ask you to ring every month for a tune up then when you do they demand more money, they sold me a $90 speed up tool which was supposed to last 3 yrs - it did not work. It was called Tec Genie (don't get it). Today they rang me and said could they tune my pc at 7 am. They asked me to give more money, I refused so they took the tec Genie tool off my PC with all their other icons and closed the pc down. Don't do iYogi at all - it cost a fortune for nothing.

Mar 02, 2015 by Derrek

Refund ME!

I called to get a refund for Kaspersky. The associate was very polite and seemed to know what he was talking about and ended up getting me to download some software so he could connect remotely and get me my refund. While he did this he was giving me a sales pitch for some tech support subscription. He managed to almost get me my refund but when I told him that I didn't want the product he closed all the tabs open for the refund (had a live chat going with Kaspersky) and proceeded to give me a number to call and hung up. I spent an hour on the phone with him just to have my time wasted.

Mar 02, 2015 by Shirlisa

yogi sucks dont trust them

On Jan. 13, 2015, my Epson printer failed to work. Unusual. Since I couldn't immediately locate my Epson handbook, I Googled for an Epson customer support phone number. Little did I know that I had the wrong number and was being routed to iYogi. Within the first few minutes, the tech "suspected" that I must have an older version of Windows. I affirmed, by telling her that I had Vista. She responded that they had suddenly been receiving a number of calls like mine, and told me that Windows was discontinuing service to Windows XP, Vista, and 7 as of that very day, Jan. 13. She quickly brought up a Google notification by remote server which confirmed the same. (I have no idea where she got it.) Then she imbedded herself in my system and showed me how dozens of my Windows files were already failing.

The inevitable had happened, and it was necessary for an immediate update to our computer system. (I had simply called to get technical support for my printer.) She began telling me what was available, starting me on the high end of an HP Touchscreen, for over $700. When I indicated that it was out of my budget, she suggested the $404 HP All-in-One unit (Everywhere or Everything). When I accepted, she started going down the list of other things I would need, like Microsoft Office for $279...and then it was the portable hard drive unit. Before I knew it, I had suddenly been swept up to an $800-1,000 purchase--and all I initially wanted was for someone to get my printer back on task! She told me that she could "fix" my printer problem, but because of the Windows service cut-off, it would only happen again.

My husband overheard the conversation after initially giving his okay to the transaction, and his earlier reluctance shot "off the charts.” By then, I had already submitted my credit card information (by just a few minutes). However, the transaction wasn't quite complete, so I stopped the tech by saying my husband wasn't comfortable, and therefore, I wasn't either. I needed to cancel immediately. She began to coerce me and tell me I needed to reconsider. I continued to say I needed to cancel. Then she said, "Okay, we will forget about the portable device and just order the other things.” I said, "No, I cannot go through with this.” The fact that she had shot up so quickly with add-ons and more than doubled the initial computer expense caused me to turn cold inside. I told her it was just too much money and we wanted to check with Best Buy before we made such a major purchase right out of the blue.

When she realized that her sale was slipping away, she said she would drop the cost of MS Office and let me have it without charge. My husband continued to say, "No.” Then she wanted to talk with him. She asked to do this at least 3 or 4 times. When he said he wasn't interested in talking with her, that the answer was still no, she said it would still cost around $100 for shipping and handling expenses since I had already given the credit card information and they would have to treat it as an already-shipped item. I was getting angry and said that the product had not shipped! The order wasn't even solidified! How could she be legally charging me for an item which I said I didn't want when it hadn't even cleared the system yet?! She said they would put a "HOLD" on it for a few days in case I wanted to reconsider.

I said, "No, I don't wish to put a HOLD on it. I just want it cancelled from my credit card account. Is there a manager with whom I can speak?” She saw there was no way around my persistence, and said she would cancel my order and also have a manager contact me the next day. Wanting to make certain I had understood her correctly, I repeated what she had told me: "So you're going to cancel my order so that I won't be billed for this on my credit card. Right?” She reluctantly agreed. I could tell she was trying to be polite, but her agitation over the downturn of a potential sale was apparent. I kept apologizing, but I didn't relent in my resolve to get out of the mess in which I suddenly found myself. I only wanted to fix my printer. After being on the phone with her for at least 90 minutes (maybe more), I was frustrated and tired and finally hung up.

The next morning, my credit card company called me, wanting to confirm a pending transaction with a computer company. It was iYogi. I explained what happened, telling them I had been assured that the charges would not be processed. I was back on the front lines with this, and getting more upset by the minute. They asked me to call iYogi and verify the pending transaction, which I did. The gentleman in the billing department confirmed that the charges had NOT been cancelled, that they were being processed, but that he would certainly issue a credit to cancel them out if I so wished. After assuring him that I "so wished," he offered me another $40 reduction on the $404 HP computer (now down to $364) if I still wanted to reconsider. I assured him that I just wanted to cancel and credit the order from the night before.

Without further pressure, he did just that and also volunteered to cancel the impending call from the manager. He assured me that he had taken care of everything, and if a charge did show up on my credit card statement, it would immediately be followed with a credit. I contacted my credit card company with the information and they said they would make a notation of it. True to his word, the charge never showed up in my account, and all was well. I considered it a harrowing ordeal and vowed to stay far away from iYogi anytime and always in the future. However, my fire was re-lit when I later found that the iYogi tech had imbedded at least 4 of her files into our system and I had to go in and manually delete them before everything would go back to normal settings!

Furthermore, today when I contacted the Geek Squad for help in finishing the set-up on our new computer (happily purchased from Best Buy, by the way), they informed me that the Jan. 13, 2015, service discontinuation date by Microsoft was inaccurate, according to their information. Windows Vista was still eligible for service through April 11, 2017. Where is the integrity of this iYogi company and how many more people were scammed out of perfectly good working systems?! And the tech never even did what I initially called her to do--FIX MY PRINTER!

Tech Support 24-7 , USA 1.2 5.0 104 104 beware of i yogi do not let them scam you and get in your computer.