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  1. Unfortunately, I found this website after I had already purchased their yearly service contract for over $300. This company is incredibly good at hiding their true colors and I’ve looked extensively for information about this company and I’m only finding reviews written about iYogi, BY iYogi. I believe that they are writing their own reviews because of the grammar and spelling in each of the reviews. They dont seem to be written by someone whose english is their first language.

    Anyway, back to our original reason for posting this review. We purchased their service a little over a year ago and have been waiting for it to be over. They constantly call for renewal period, but WE ARE NOT INTERESTED. During that year we had to hire a separate online computer repair company, http://www.safepcfix.com to properly repair our computer. After the second time of having to hire another company to repair the original virus issue we hired them for, we signed up with the year contract with the other company.

    During our tenure with these guys they would tell us we had more problems with our computer than what we actually had. We had to contact an internet provider of internet services, safepcfix.com to repair the machine and fix the mistakes they made. This happened on a couple of occasions. We decided it was far better to purchase the actual service agreement from a US based company (ie the one above.) Their technicians were easy to understand and explained the problems that iYogi caused with our machine.

    Buyer beware.

  2. Carol Lovell
    Jun 23, 2014


    She was told she had a trojan virus since she could not e-mail out or print. She paid the service. They restored computer back a week and now she has no screen or sound. The tech screamed at her and now has her in tears. she is over 80 years old.

  3. Lisa Doroshuk
    May 14, 2014


    I am starting to wonder — I bought Total Defense after it was bragged on by a clerk at a “very reputable computer place” but he did not tell me that it was based on connection to iYogi. When I called the 800 # with a question. I got talked into a $399 3-year contract and have been calling them for about 1 1/2 years now. After the recent last two calls, each a different Tech of course, now, I’m getting a msg. that says “MakeArray is unfined” on two programs. This came up about 2 weeks ago after the first of the last two techs worked on my computer. The 2nd of the two Tech told me I’d have call back and they would have to set up a new account for me (versus totally scraping the OS and reloading) on my computer which means: backing up all my work that I want to keep; then they will clean up the OS software I think and set up a new account for me, then copy back all my backed up files. They always ask for a “10” score when they are done. Each time it’s a different Tech and they click, click, click — who knows what they are dong — each one makes changes per their skill level — & you’re at their mercy.

  4. Edwina Hinson
    Apr 15, 2014


    Ive stopped using their services and now I can stop them from calling my phone PLEASE STOP CALLING MY NUMBER !!!!!!

  5. Bill Carter
    Apr 14, 2014


    IYOGI is a total and complete RIP0FF. They have also disabled my browser so that I can not access Norton. They also said they would fix my wireless network and failed. They also gave me that B.S. about “registry errors” and “junk files” that were causing my computer to run slow. After more than “working(?)” five hours my laptop works worse than before and I am out $90.00. They also wanted me to “upgrade(?)” to Windows 8 for $150.00. Fortunately I wan’t that stupid. I have another laptop with Windows 8 and I HATE IT only slightly less than IYOGI. Andor don’t fall for the B.S. that their “competitors” are writing these reviews. If you are smarter than I am by checking beforehand you will not let them touch your computer or pay them a penny. Forwarned Is Forearmed. I ended up following the directions of one of the other reviews on here and went with the online company safepcfix.com to repair these browser issues and “errors” that iYogi caused. Ive disputed the charges with my CC company and safepcfix helped me get my money back by writing a letter that showed what they did to fix it CORRECTLY.

  6. yogi bared
    Mar 24, 2014


    I joined iyogi with a one year membership at $180.00, and then I canceled the plan the very next day. In just those few hours, the support agents encouraged me to purchase two different products. The first time I declined, (I had just invested 180 bucks!) but the next time, when the guy recommended that i needed a new external hard drive (He was correct.), I agreed and followed through with the transaction, assured that a n yogi agent would gladly talk me through the installation process. I received the invoice by email the next day. The S&H was $25.00 alone. I asked myself, why would I purchase this product so impulsively? I am replacing a product quite similar to the that I have owned. It’s not as though this is new territory. And, well, do I really need them to help with the installation when I’ve done this before with free support from the HD company itself??? I felt regretful and anxious. And then I couldn’t help but ask myself another question: “Why would I want to call a computer support company– at a time when I am uncertain and vulnerable– only to anticipate a sales pitch?” Then I went online and found these one star reviews– and I became even more uneasy. I called the company immediately to cancel the order, explaining that I would rather take time to research similar products and compare prices. I asked if yogi would still agree to talk me through the installation– and the operator informed me that iyogi would provide installation support ONLY if I purchased it through their company. That wasn’t exactly promising. Well, at that point, I said assertively, “I respect your policies, but at this time I wish to cancel my entire one year plan. Is that possible?” The operator continued talking about their expertise and quality of service, and, I said, “Look, here is my question. Please give my your answer.” So they gave me a partial refund– with which I am satisfied.
    Later that day, early evening, I received a call from the agent with whom I had made the external HD transaction. He wanted to know why I canceled. I tried to express my own thoughts, and I concluded the conversation, avoiding a confrontation. Well, how often does a sales person call to inquire about your decision to cancel? A car dealer might very well follow up by phone. But, let’s face it, who likes to shop for cars?
    One phone agent with whom I spoke compared yogi to an insurance company. I didn’t find that reassuring either. Who likes to work with insurance companies? The same agent presented an analogy, describing the auto mechanic who can only repair an old car by installing new parts. That wasn’t so reassuring either.
    All right, I’ve rambled on, but here’s my point: I just can’t imagine how anyone would feel at ease in working with this company.
    AND– one more thought… I hope this isn’t “over the top” or excessive, but here’s an analogy of my own:
    Say, can you teach me how to swim?
    — Yes, after all, that’s my job, my area of expertise. But first I recommend that you purchase this life jacket, paddle board, anti fog swim goggles and scuba gear. You see, we’re like an insurance company. It’s like going to an auto mechanic…

  7. Helen M.
    Mar 24, 2014


    iYogi has, seemingly, infiltrated legitimate businesses. Here is my awful experience with iYogi: My printer wasn’t working so I called the Lexmark number I had on file. The Lexmark employee with whom I spoke said that I would need their “technical support,” and he transferred me to iYogi. In short, iYogi had no idea how to fix my printer, but, I didn’t know that they weren’t part of Lexmark until too late. They took control of my computer an installed all kinds of their stuff-none of which fixed my printer. They “took” me for $208.00 for, supposedly, a year’s worth of hassle-free, worry-free service. This total included a $29.00 charge for Security Protection which they said they would throw in for free but I got billed for it anyway!! I filed a dispute with my bank, BB&T, but, two months later, it’s still in dispute, and I’m ready to involve the Banking Commission. I ask the person I first spoke with at BB&T if they had ever heard of iYogi and she responded “Oooh, YES,” proving to me that the bank already knew about these thieves. They are an Iranian-owned company. STAY AWAY!

  8. Songline
    Feb 6, 2014



  9. charlotte
    Feb 6, 2014


    I WILL NEVER renew my subscription to tech support. they mess you up worse then you were before and then try real hard to sell sell sell something you do not need. BEWARE, BE SMART, BE CAREFUL.
    I am miserable with this service, and my comp is no way doing well since I got I Yogi.

  10. DON’T USE IYOGI!!!!! I was waiting for a refund from them for 8.1 pro that I paid 270 for and the tech crashed my computer while trying to install it. They called me after they received the returned software from me and proceeded to use Western Union to rip me off for $618!!! They said they were processing my refund and it would be deposited into my checking account. FRAUD!!!!!!!!! They should be hung!!!!!!

  11. frank bondura
    Dec 30, 2013


    in trying to renew my Norton subscription & only 9 days left to renew, I found myself chatting with a 19nyr. old from india & a 23 yr old in the same office. they told me I could not renew from my end but would be very glad to renew Norton @ their end. boy was I dupped in fallin for that story. they were a 3rd party not authorized by my Toshiba people. their job was to bring on their products of support & anti-virus to 2 bills of $169,95 & 29.95 thru my credit card. dO NOT TAKE ON IYOGI BY YOURSELF.

  12. Salvador D-
    Dec 17, 2013


    I’m very disappointed with the service of iYogi. It doesn’t comply with what was offer to me. I have requested their support in 4 occasion in the first 7 days of their service & the services haven’t solve the problem on my computer. I coincide with the opinions that have been express by the different customers.

  13. Alfred Palleschi
    Dec 12, 2013


    iyogi provides terrible tech support. All they do is try to sell you more products. A few months ago I purchased two years of iyogi tech support. Anytime I’m on the phone with them, they try to sell me more products. I no longer want their tech support. I’d like some of my money back.

  14. Duane E. Smith
    Dec 12, 2013


    I would like to stop your service!!!!!. I am retired and living on a fixed income and need to cut back on some things.

  15. Bob L.
    Dec 7, 2013


    I subscribed to their service just under 3 years ago, and found it to be rather good…THEN! But recently, I have encountered inexperienced, incompetent technicians who want to do their own “thing” and frequently exacerbate the problem. As a result, I’ve spent about 30 hours and much anguish getting a problem resolved with the incredibly competent technicians at Norton and Microsoft.

    In addition, their once rather simple program, not unlike Norton Utilities, has been upgraded, and I was coerced into renewal of my soon to expire, but still active, subscription to avail myself of their service. As noted, the technicians who worked on my system made the problem a great deal more complicated. They simply did not know what to do. I found, too that the newer program, which runs in the background, made unwanted system changes overnight, and I would awake to such surprises.

    Regrettably, having renewed my subscription, I checked with my credit card company, only to find that I had been billed twice. When I called them to correct this, they took notice of it, and notified the credit card company of the cancellation, but did not return the payment.

    When, the last call for help wnt bonkers, and the young lady technician admitted her ignorance of resolution, I called to cancel all subscriptions. It should have been simple to do so, as my currently active subscriition has two months remaining.

    I was informed that they do not activate cancellations. it is the responsibility of the purchaser to notify their credit card company to cancel. They do, however, notify the credit card company of the cancellation, but apparently do not return money received.

    It has been more than fifteen days since my initial cancellation of the double billing; the credit card company has contacted them, received no rebate and has disputed the overcharge. I can only assume that this will happen with my second attempt to cancel the not yet applicable renewal.

    I simply cannot believe that they put the burden of cancellation on the customer.


  16. larry bounds
    Dec 4, 2013


    I was charged twice for one purchase of $159. would you correct this mistake please?

  17. allascam
    Nov 21, 2013


    If you don’t know technical stuff about your computer….stay away from this company. As I was trying to renew my subscription for McAfee, I was having a problem installing. Then a pop up displayed with iYogi’s phone #. I was naive at the moment so I called them. They proceeded to tell me they are the technical company for McAfee. OK…so I had them attempt to help me….the woman said I had a virus and for 199.00 for 1 year, she would clean up my system and monitor it for the year.That’s when I realized something was wrong. I told her no way was I going to purchase this before McAfee was installed. She tried very hard to convince me to buy their protesction and then said she ran a scan and showed m the results (she remoted in to my system so I saw what she said). I saw all kinds of viruses and other really bad stuff. Anyway, I told her no again and hung up. I finally found McAfee’s number finally. Not only did they install the software but first cleaned up all my pop ups. They assured me there was NO virus on my machine. People….this is NOT the company you want to do business with. Please trust me!!!

  18. Atrocious customer support, incredibly deceptive marketing techniques, and an awful product are just some of the reasons never to use this website and buy iYogi’s “product”. When trying to receive help for my issue, it seemed like the tech support person was trying to assist me and was actually helping. Unfortunately, however, near the end it turned out his main goal was simply to con me into buying iYogi’s subscription. He did not solve my problem at all, and I was disgusted at how I called for customer support but did not receive any resolution, let alone help, at all.


  19. Well, its a Independent business you have a problem with your computer, printer software they are there to help you but at a cost some likes some doesn’t well I worked for them actually for IBM whose 1 of client is IYOGI so when you call IYOGI for 1st time its IBM employee in north india who is helping you at a cost we had targets like $5000 a month stupid targets all they need is sales sales sales that’s it on floor total of 100-150 agents making $12000 – $20000 in a day its SALES- TECH process for a agent means 1st there has to be a sale then tech can do the troubleshooting its 1 of the WORST companies as for EMPLOYEES none of single CO-EMPLOYEES were happy but it pays us. IYOGI & IBM CON their own Employees about incentive. not any 1 of us are happy at floor they call it production floor I have talked to every 1 of em. The bosses sys no matter what even cust call to buy elephant take the remote of computer somehow then scare the customer in a style that doesn’t sound like scaring but still scare them & then pitch for sale but IYOGI & IBM DOESNT give shit about their employees specially Iyogi process is the worst IBM have other clients which I don’t know Iyogi is the worst clien with shitty targets & you have to be a CON artist

  20. Barbara Hardy
    Oct 24, 2013


    I have not signed up with them I don’t even think I checked into them at all. But this morning they were on my desktop with their ad. It showed up as a new google chrome button when I opened it up it led to the ad. So I checked my programs and sure enough it had been installed. I will take them off but why were they able to do that without my permission?

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