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  1. Unfortunately, I found this website after I had already purchased their yearly service contract for over $300. This company is incredibly good at hiding their true colors and I’ve looked extensively for information about this company and I’m only finding reviews written about iYogi, BY iYogi. I believe that they are writing their own reviews because of the grammar and spelling in each of the reviews. They dont seem to be written by someone whose english is their first language.

    Anyway, back to our original reason for posting this review. We purchased their service a little over a year ago and have been waiting for it to be over. They constantly call for renewal period, but WE ARE NOT INTERESTED. During that year we had to hire a separate online computer repair company, http://www.safepcfix.com to properly repair our computer. After the second time of having to hire another company to repair the original virus issue we hired them for, we signed up with the year contract with the other company.

    During our tenure with these guys they would tell us we had more problems with our computer than what we actually had. We had to contact an internet provider of internet services, safepcfix.com to repair the machine and fix the mistakes they made. This happened on a couple of occasions. We decided it was far better to purchase the actual service agreement from a US based company (ie the one above.) Their technicians were easy to understand and explained the problems that iYogi caused with our machine.

    Buyer beware.

  2. Well, its a Independent business you have a problem with your computer, printer software they are there to help you but at a cost some likes some doesn’t well I worked for them actually for IBM whose 1 of client is IYOGI so when you call IYOGI for 1st time its IBM employee in north india who is helping you at a cost we had targets like $5000 a month stupid targets all they need is sales sales sales that’s it on floor total of 100-150 agents making $12000 – $20000 in a day its SALES- TECH process for a agent means 1st there has to be a sale then tech can do the troubleshooting its 1 of the WORST companies as for EMPLOYEES none of single CO-EMPLOYEES were happy but it pays us. IYOGI & IBM CON their own Employees about incentive. not any 1 of us are happy at floor they call it production floor I have talked to every 1 of em. The bosses sys no matter what even cust call to buy elephant take the remote of computer somehow then scare the customer in a style that doesn’t sound like scaring but still scare them & then pitch for sale but IYOGI & IBM DOESNT give shit about their employees specially Iyogi process is the worst IBM have other clients which I don’t know Iyogi is the worst clien with shitty targets & you have to be a CON artist

  3. Barbara Hardy
    Oct 24, 2013


    I have not signed up with them I don’t even think I checked into them at all. But this morning they were on my desktop with their ad. It showed up as a new google chrome button when I opened it up it led to the ad. So I checked my programs and sure enough it had been installed. I will take them off but why were they able to do that without my permission?

  4. rita cushing
    Oct 17, 2013


    My experience today 10/17/13 can only be described as a nightmare. I received an UNSOLICITED call from iyogi at about 9:30 AM and was still chained to my computer at 1:pm. I can only blame myself for caving into their sales pitch which evolved from $79.00 quoted to $139.98 halfway when process was underway. I then checked with the warranty (purchased as part of the package and found the date of purchase (today) to be incorrect. More time wasted on the phone to get this corrected. I will NEVER answer any further calls from iyogi in the future. NEVER!!!!

    Oct 14, 2013


    I have heard there is a CLASS ACTION against these frauds. I was pressured to join for $300 because I desperately need my two computers cleaned up and running. They didn’t address the issues and constantly tried to sell me products with very high pressure tactics. I bought an upgrade Windows program for $160 because they said my computer would run faster and smoother.
    Both computers were completely disabled and unrepairable after they tried to install and fixed each one. Then they tried to sell me new computers.
    When I realized they tweeked both computers so they both were unusable with the same symptoms. Both would not start up or would die after trying to start up. Both had exactly the same problems after iYogi “tried to fix them”
    Additionally, I would get three or four calls a day for several months because they knew I need new computers.
    I plan on suing them myself in Fla. and informing the Federal Trade Commission. and Attorney Generals office in Calif.
    Please inform your friends about these practices of iYogi. It turns out, I found them when I tried to reach Microsoft Tech Support. I thought I was on the phone with them when later I realized it was and independent dealer called iYogi.
    Don’t be fooled, go to a reputable tech repair company.

  6. R.C. Thompson
    Oct 9, 2013


    After using iYogi for a a couple years and recommending them to everybody they crashed my desktop computer and I had no recourse- they’re on the other side of the world!
    Because I was switching their coverage from my desktop to my laptop (you can only do it once) I had them maximize my desktop before transferring the coverage. It worked perfectly well before.
    They crashed it, told me to take it to a local shop to retrieve what was left on the hard drive- there was nothing there. They also had ME order back up files twice so that they could reinstall them. They were unable to fix it so now I have an unusable computer and the balance of my worthless contract.

  7. Charles Signor
    Oct 3, 2013


    Iyogi is a joke (albeit an expensive one). I contacted them at the behest of McAfee about a simple pop-up which advised me that my computer might be infected with something McAfee couldn’t fix. Up to this point, my computer was performiing flawlessly. The McAfee website directed me to Iyogi to rectify the problem. The Iyogi tech assured me they would solve my problem for $199.98. Reluctantly, I agreed. The tech then took control of my computer and over a several-hour period, proceeded to wreck it. My computer now is frozen, with no access to the internet, no access to my internal files, to way to get into safe mode, no way to do anything. It is inert and useless. After several more hours with a different Iyogi technician yielded no progress, it was suggested that I should consider getting a new computer! What gall! No aplogy for ruining my computer, nor even an offer to return my money. This is the epitome of incompetence and I will be proceeding with securing legal remedy.

  8. Richard H
    Oct 2, 2013


    I hate to even rate Iyogi a one, because they are far less than a one. I used Avast Free antivirus for years, and thought why not use the paid version, so I installed it. After a while, avast turned itself off. I called the tech support at Avast, and was handed off to these rip off people. They were not interested in putting Avast back into service, but in selling me $399 worth of service to insure it did not happen again. They said my computer had issues that they could fix. In remote mode, I stayed on the phone and talked to the Iyogi tech for 4 hours! and the computer was worse off than when we started. Next day, I calle Iyogi back, and they started again. I was on the phone while they worked for 3 1/2 more hours, and suddenly, my desktop started running lines of code that was veiled, but visible. I asked what that was, and the tech said it was a “hardware” problem, and I should get it fixed. Well BS! to that. it had no problem until they worked on it. The third day, the head guru worked on it and actually got it working for three days, and it crashed and I do mean crashed into a worthless pile of nothingness! I tried to contact Avast, and complain, but the only phone support I got from them was sales, and I was told to immediatley delete Avast, and reinstall. Well that does not work on a crashed hard drive. To make things worse, the Iyogi people call all the time wanting to be of service again. Is that not crazy? I had nearly forgotten about them, and tonight, during dinner, they call my CELL Phone, and I came unglued, and so help me, the attorney general of my state will hear about the scams and the harrassment over the phone!!!! If your computer needs work, please throw it out the window instead of allowing these people to work on it, because it will be worthless and you will be out $400 before they are done.

  9. EspeeRalph
    Sep 30, 2013


    Ripoff. When I was on the phone for 2 hours and accomplished nothing I had had it. I thought I had webroot support. Looked like webroot. Finally went to the real webroot support and they straightened out the mess I yogi left behind in minutes. I called Mastercard and canceled the card. They said they would go after them for fraud.

  10. My review is no stars. iyogi is a scam. I phoned them accidentally because I was attempting to ring up our computer security firm about why the code they gave me would not allow me to install what I needed to install. iyogi actually had our “normal” security firm mentioned in their blurbs as you google and can make a choice. And so I thought I was speaking to someone with the security firm I thought I had called. The net result was that after two hours on the phone, our problem was not solved, iYogi soaked us for about four hundred dollars of which we were able to get half back and I should mention I had to cancel our credit card and request a new one. iYogi’s scam is to keep passing people off to their “technician,” who will change a couple of hundred dollars everytime they touch your computer. They waste your time and your money.

    I don’t know who is a bigger idiot–an iYogi tech or myself for allowing this scam to occur. It was a nightmare and I get the feeling we are not done yet.

  11. Tanya Kelsey
    Sep 28, 2013


    On the 16th I called for help, took over an
    hour for the tech to do whaever he did. Couldn’t understand him, ask to see if he could fix two things, kept assuring me he would fix. Well it is still not fixed and I can only use it one more time in a years time. I hate to pay for something I didn’t get. Just wanted to let you know. I still don’t have my sound and can’t view viedos

  12. The first call I made to this company i was talked into this program that cost me over $400. I recieved a call a couple months in saying I needed a scan over to make sure all was ok with my computer. I made 2 attempts and after being on hold for over 30 min with nobody except the annoying music they play after the third call I was put in touch with somebody who didn’t know anything after making several comlaints I am finally fed up and told them to never contact me again unless they would refund me my money. I then recieved a call from them again trying to sell me more ! This company is a complete SCAM do not play there game I repeat a SCAM

  13. Leon McClung
    Sep 18, 2013


    BEWARE! This company pretends to be NORTON when you search for anti-virus (paid ad so it appears first). Called 800 number and was asked questions I expected when wishing to renew my NORTON Anti-Virus. They did a scan on my computer by installing “remote control” software, then gave me a list of my multiple “problems” which I had to resolve before installing NORTON. Then began the almost 1 hour sales pitch for their services – 599.00 for all three of my computers for 3 years unlimited technical support. It was only then that I discovered they were not NORTON. They put their “closer” on he line and finally talked me into the minimal 1 year on my 1 computer they had scanned saying they would immediately fix all problems and for $169.99 plus sell me a “better” antivirus than NORTON and install on all three computers for 31.50. They worked on my computer quite a while and then finally said it was all fixed and new antivirus software installed. When I rebooted my computer it was not working – pop ups continuously, couldn’t type on address line of browser, etc. I looked at these reviews online and immediately called Wells Fargo. The charge for the software has been removed, but they asked me to call iyogi and see if they would voluntarily remove the charge as they had messed up my computer. They just kept telling me that I had 1 year support and could call at any time and they would solve my problems, but would not remove the charge. I called back Wells Fargo and reported the results of my call.

  14. Kenneth Robinson
    Sep 17, 2013


    These people are scammer they are after the almighty dollar. My printer stopped printing correctly (It printed to light) They told me I had a security problem, and they would sell me some security software I was not born yesterday

  15. Afraid of iyogi
    Sep 15, 2013


    My husband is one of the complete morons taken in by these crazy people. This company exists only to get as much money as possible from gullible idiots. They invaded my brand new laptop under the guise of telling him he could add other 3 devices in our household. My laptop would barely run and iyogi was everywhere. I called to get it uninstalled and they wanted all kind of personal including his mother maiden name. We are so screwed.

  16. Elizabeth
    Sep 14, 2013


    When I purchased a new computer from Dell, the price included the computer and free data transfer from my old computer. There was no reference to the latter in the box with the computer, so we called Dell and reached a customer service person who gave us an 800 or 877 number to call to get the transfer. We called, reached IYOGI, and asked about the data transfer. We assumed since we got the number from Dell that IYOGI was a Dell contractor. Suddenly, my old computer was too full of viruses and bugs that they couldn’t transfer to new computer without transferring viruses (I have always used a quality virus protection program). For “ONLY $169.99, they would clean my old computer, do the transfer, and give me 12 months of 24/7 service.” Astonished, but not knowing what else to do, I said o.k. I have no idea if they did any virus removal. The data transfer seems to be in order. I called Dell to complain and found that they NEVER refer customers to IYOGI for data transfer. SOOOO, there is one or more Dell employees getting a kick-back from IYOGI to refer unwitting customers like myself to IYOGI. I plan to report these people to the FTC, FCC, and any other agency that deals with scams. I’m out the money so far, but I’m not through trying to get IYOGI slammed for their tactics.

  17. Daniel champion
    Sep 12, 2013



  18. Leslie Dawson
    Sep 11, 2013


    Actually NO STARS! I got to this company from a phone # for HP support. After making a veiled attempt to help with my problem (print job stuck in queue), the main focus turned to selling me a protection plan for my computer for $3-$400!!!

  19. Suing iyogi
    Sep 10, 2013


    After having purchased
    CA Internet Security Suite
    I had a problem with a virus that slipped through the anti virus protection. I called CA and was palmed off to an iyogi technician. I used thier service for 2 years.
    I had changed my internet provider and lost the e-mail account attached to the iyogi account. I used live help to ask for my subscription to be cancelled in January. I was told it didnt expire until July so I had to ring back in June.
    Then in mid May i had my renewal amount taken from my credit card. 4 months later.. still no money.
    My subscription was allowed to expire in July. So at the moment i have no subscription and no money.

    What i have had (during many many phone calls) is;
    we will do update query ring back in 2-3 days,
    money will be in the bank in 2-3 days,

    I have used several different phone numbers and used their feedback site,

    Maybe i will just call back in 2-3 days?? No.

    I will be launching legal action.

    Do NOT use this company if you want any customer service.

    RIP OFF!

  20. Laura Ward
    Sep 10, 2013


    If I could rate this less than one star, I would. The technicians (I spoke to four) were generally polite, but totally unhelpful. After seven hours and being elevated to an “expert”. I was told they could only wipe everything off my computer. I requested a refund, which I got (prorated), but in the meantime had paid for “virus protection” which was supposed to fix my origional problem. When I requested this be refunded, I was told that I could use it on my other computers…despite the fact that they had just told me everything would be wiped off my computer. They finally agreed to refund this as well, but said it could take up to FOUR WEEKS. I took it somewhere else. Didn’t lose ANY data. No more virus. Didn’t take seven hours on the phone. DON’T BUY THIS.

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