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Dec 24, 2014 by nobelast61

third party

Iyogi is a 3rd party tech support company in India. Several software companies pay iyogi to deal with any problems with their software — and that is how I came into contact with them. Iyogi employees answer the phone within 5 minutes and speak fairly clearly. An operator takes problem information from you and then you are passed along to another person who will access your computer remotely, and run a computer “optimizer” scan. The scan (like all optimizer scans do to show how “valuable” they are) will show how slow, old, defective your computer is and then iyogi offers you a pay service for $169 to fix all these problems. Tell the tech. this has nothing to do with your original problem and then you will get transferred to a real tech. I talked with the real tech. and we agreed that he could not fix my computer problem, but said that I should have a nice day. Other reviews I have read talk about iyogi’s services as limited to virus removal, simple software unloading and reloading, and minor tuneups, all of which can be done for free by computer owners who can read and use internet resources.

Dec 24, 2014 by iyogi review

iyogi scammers review

I have found IYogi’s technical support to be inadequate in helping me resolve my problem. The language barrier complicated things. They could not understand me or my problem, and I could not understand them. Not only did they not fix or help me fix my problem, I think I’m going to have to pay someone else to fix everything IYogi did wrong.

Dec 24, 2014 by dorjif

suckers! Pathetic people

called them for my PC issues they wanted to charge me a lot of money, i denied and hang up they called me at least 7 times in a day, and this repeated the next day too. When i called back and complained they said that’s a different dept. we cannot do anything. This is pathetic.

Dec 24, 2014 by Jack


I YOGI FRAUD: I YOGI has owed me a $170 dollar refund since January. I received 2 mails telling me they are processing the refund. I made 7 phone calls. Each time they said they sent the money. They even gave me a phony number, EXJE6DC542BF, and I should contact Bank of America. Of course the bank said the number was meaningless to them. Six calls to Customer Care, six times I was told the money was sent. They wer lying. Finally, on the 7th call they said there was mistake and the money was never sent. I will get my money in 3 days. They were lying. I never got the money. I gave up listening to thier lies. BEWARE: In any financial transaction with I YOGI, be sure you owe them money and not they owe you money. There are a lots of tech support services, I YOGI FRAUD is one to avoid.

Dec 24, 2014 by Nomran Ray Holmen

good job guys!

I was unable to open any links in my e-mails. This had never happened in my 12 or so years of opening e-mail. I tried everything I new to find the problem. I had been looking at my securty settings and I thought I may have inadvertently set something too restrictive. After many days & hours of frustration I contacted iyogi. I don’t even remember where I got their name, maybe tv. They were very helpful and not only found & fixed my problem, but cleaned and made my computer much faster. I had added 2 GB of ram which didn’t help me much until iyogi tuned up my computer. I have only Windows applications and therefore am very happy with iyogi.

Dec 24, 2014 by Maria


My representative was informative when I didn’t understand information. He patiently explained all the steps involved in repairing my computer. I am thankful for his kindness.

Dec 24, 2014 by S McClellan


Believing I had contacted Microsoft chat on the web, I was told purchasing this system would increase web brousing speed even with an older slow computer. I was skeptical but I was assured it would work, so I was willing to give it a try providing I was guaranteed a refund if it dod not work. Since HP already said a new computer was the answer to my problems I never exp[ected this to work, and it didn’t. Obtaining a refund is proving to be diffucult even though iyogi has now admitted what I was told is not possible. I am waiting for them to review the taped sales pitch to prove I was misled.

Dec 24, 2014 by Seattle Jim

Fraudlent idiots!

I had recently purchased a skype international phone number and couldn’t get it to work.Skype lists this number you can call for tech support.

Turns out it’s IYOGI. They took control of my computer and eventually ‘found’ oodles of trash and problems that needed cleaning up. It’s a 2 year old laptop I use only recreationally a couple times a week for email and such. I agreed to pay: $170 for the clean up and one year’s worth of ongoing cleanup servicing.

This would reportedly fix my skype issue and make my laptop run faster and better. When it was over, my skype stuff worked and I was reasonably satisfied. Over the next hour, I realized my computer was significantly slower and there was some weird new program running on it-‘dock’ something or other. They had installed their software program on my laptop (without my knowledge) so they could keep track of it for their supposed ‘cleanups’/servicings.

I called back and told them to remove anything they installed. I don’t like junk slowing my computer. During the process of removing their own software, the tech caused my computer to ‘freeze up’ multiple times, requiring several reboots. Eventually, my computer stopped functioning altogether with him at the wheel.

When he was thru with it, windows wouldn’t even start. I wasted 3.5 hours with him, and now had no computer. The next day, one of their ‘top tier’ techs called me to fix the problem. I spent another 3.5 hours with him while he tried most of the same repair/recovery efforts as the tech the day before.

Needless to say, I was PISSED. A supervisor came on to tell me ‘not to worry’, he was going to have his ‘very top tech’ call me to fix it. I thought I had the top tech? And if not, I should have bc their own *** had crashed my computer already!

I refused any further intervention from their company (they tried to convince me repeatedly) explaining I had now wasted 7 hours of my time and had a non-functioning computer, thanks to them. And by the way, I want my $170 back, NOW. After much resistance, they finally agreed to refund me when I repeatedly refused to allow yet another tech to waste more of my time.. During the refund process, they said they would be keeping a “one-time $60 cancellation-of-services fee”:.

Are you f-ing kidding me???!!! I lost it|. And I got my full refund;. And so you know the end result, my brother is a microsoft systems engineer?.

He had to backup my hard drive, wipe my computer clean, and reinstall windows;. Took him several hours and I did lose a few things in the end..

This was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with any company in my life/.Skype should NOT give out their number as tech support and you should NEVER call them for help.

Dec 24, 2014 by Gloria

theives- stealing from hard working americans

I feel like Iyogi takes you are computer program codes and to programs and in doing so they give you a copy in your codes keys do not work again I have recommended at least five people to hoagie and I am skeptical about doing it again this company was hired to protect my computer and they have become the bandits

Dec 24, 2014 by Ian


I was contacted by Iyogi that I had a security issue on the computer. The technician talked me into buying Windows 8 he said my computer was compatible
I bought the windows 8 and tried to install it 4 times. Several times with s technician, ,they even had me make an appointment with an escalated case technician…It still failed again.The response was I needed to completely wipe my computer out for a clean installl or get an upgrade with the computer.I asked for my money back but they said it was too late it had been 15 days.Well I work full time and each install took between 2-3 hours.They sent me an email asking my availability again

Tech Support 24-7 , USA 1.2 5.0 94 94 Iyogi is a 3rd party tech support company in India. Several software companies pay iyogi to deal with any problems with their software — and that is how I came into contact with