Kenneth S. of Orange CA wrote a review on yelp profiling his issues with them and the ways that they made his computer worse. They scammed him for over $300 and left his computer worse than it was.

Once thing that you’ll find is that iYogi is trying to control their reviews online. They constantly post positive reviews on websites and are disputing the negative reviews. We find it interesting that on unbiased websites, such as, we are finding more complaints than positive notes. Even though customers can leave a 5 star review, they arent doing it. On websites where iYogi has control over the submissions you will notice a plethora of positive reviews. Its a total scam and iYogi is getting away with it.

Kenneth’s review is below, and we will post other reviews by other customers showing what iYogi’s true colors are.

Unfortunately, I found this website after I had already purchased their yearly service contract for over $300. This company is incredibly good at hiding their true colors and I’ve looked extensively for information about this company and I’m only finding reviews written about iYogi, BY iYogi. I believe that they are writing their own reviews because of the grammar and spelling in each of the reviews. They don’t seem to be written by someone whose English is their first language.

Anyway, back to our original reason for posting this review. We purchased their service a little over a year ago and have been waiting for it to be over. They constantly call for renewal period, but WE ARE NOT INTERESTED. During that year we had to hire a separate online computer repair company, to properly repair our computer. After the second time of having to hire another company to repair the original virus issue we hired them for, we signed up with the year contract with the other company.

During our tenure with these guys, they would tell us we had more problems with our computer than what we actually had. We had to contact an internet provider for internet services,, to repair the machine and fix the mistakes they made. This happened on a couple of occasions. We decided it was far better to purchase the actual service agreement from a US based company (i.e. the one above.) Their technicians were easy to understand and explained the problems that iYogi caused with our machine.

Buyers beware…