iYogi scores high marks for its flexible service options, including unlimited subscriptions and one-time fixes. The online tech service provides support for a vast array of computing devices and software. In addition to helping with diagnostics, iYogi can assist small business owners with their network setup, software and operating-system installation, data backup, browser security and virus removal.

Devices and Peripherals: iYogi’s remote support service can help users with any issue pertaining to PCs or Macs, as well as any peripherals, including tablets, MP3 players, printers and smart TVs that are Internet-connected and app-compatible.

Service Features: Some of the top service features iYogi offers include a money-back guarantee and a secure, encrypted connection that gives a technician the ability to remotely log in to a business’s computer. The service also provides support in both English and French, as well as a free price quote for one-time fixes.

Support Options: In addition to its remote support, iYogi provides on-site tech support throughout the U.S., primarily for PC repair, or any other issue that a remote technician cannot adequately fix. The company’s network of on-site technicians comprises more than 1,000 third-party techs who have been vetted by iYogi.

Cost: To compare costs, visit TopTenREVIEWS’ best online tech-support services.